Most people know of at least one friend who’s “hooked” on gambling. Whether they realize it or not, most of them know that they have a problem. They’re either addicted to gambling or they don’t care and don’t want to quit. I personally know three people who gamble, and the problems they face are all the same. They are sucked in by the excitement, pragmatic88then when the excitement fades they have to keep gambling to try and win back the money they lost.

It doesn’t take much to get hooked on gambling. In fact, it can begin with a single penny. When I was a kid I used to put pennies in my pocket. When I got home my parents would give me a couple of dollars to buy some groceries. I’d save a penny or two to gamble with at the arcade or drive-in. I did this for years, then I went to college, and when I came home I began saving my money for my own amusement. That was when I first got involved in betting on the horses. It started with a nickel.


Gambling is an addiction, and it’s an addiction that most people get into without even knowing it. When you start gambling, you’re in a sense “on automatic” and there’s very little you can do about it. You can try to stop, pragmatic88 but when you start gambling you need to learn to stop. I’ve known gamblers who’ve tried to stop, but they get excited about the thrill of gambling and they can’t stop.

If you’re thinking about gambling, it’s very important to stop. You may want to tell a friend or relative about it, but don’t encourage the person to gamble. Most people have a problem when they gamble, and they don’t need to be told about it. But if they do want to know more, they should find a counselor or a recovery group that can help them.

What’s a Better Way to Spend Money?

If you’re just thinking about gambling, I have a suggestion for you. Go out to your garage or your basement and look for things you might like to buy. If you haven’t done so already, set aside a small amount of money for yourself to buy something you want. It could be a nice bottle of wine, a pack of golf clubs, or a new shirt. Whatever it is, you’re going to have fun looking for it.

By Pierce